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Photos or videos sent with Instagram Direct can't be shared through Instagram to other sites like Facebook or Twitter, and won't appear on hashtag and location pages.

When someone you follow sends you a message with Instagram Direct, you can view it by tapping in the top right of Feed.

Here is how Live Chat works for website operators After operators have launched Live Chat Now!

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Keep in mind that you can only replay a disappearing photo or video right after you've received it, and that the person who sent it will be able to tell that you've replayed it or taken a screenshot.If you send a private profile as a message, only people who follow the account will be able to see a preview of their photos.Once you unsend a message, it will no longer be visible to people included in the conversation. We may as well get right down to the business of true love and romance ,without the initial financial setback..... The money we save could go towards our wedding if your sweet smile and twinkling eyes are any indication....

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