Bad parenting Poren chaterooms

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tags: abuse, abusive, bad-parenting, brainwashing, broken-home, childhood, childhood-memories, didn-t-mean-it, divorce, emotional-abuse, false-beliefs, family, father, harm, heartbreak, heartbroken, hurt, indoctrination, limitations, limits, love-lost, loyalty, mental-abuse, mother, parenthood, parents, parents-and-children, psychological-abuse, relationships, scars “I think maybe, when I was very young, I witnessed a chaste cheek kiss between the two when it was impossible to avoid. ' (Silence.) 'You forgot to call the plumber.' (Sigh.) 'Goddammit, put on your coat, right now, and go out and get some goddamn milk. I just sit and laugh to myself." (after Emmy's suicide attempt) ~ The Finer Points of Becoming Machine” ― Emily Andrews “She saw it in her mind's eye like a movie playing, the haunting memories from her childhood she couldn't seem to shake blending together into one raw, aching image. On their best married days, their communications were entirely transactional: 'We're out of milk again.' (I'll get some today.) 'I need this ironed properly.' (I'll do that today.) 'How hard is it to buy milk? The orderley comes back and escorts me back into the main room.

Even though I never initiated a goddamn thing with him, and never would have.As the famous African adage goes, “It takes a whole village to raise a child.” Parenting is a mammoth job that requires tremendous amount of time, love and responsibilities.Every parent is a teacher to their child, thus good and proper parenting skills are essential in their overall development.After my mom found out, she went psychotic and all she gave a fuck about was what had been done to her.She didn't care about anything except for how hurt she was by what had happened.

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