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The physical trauma created learning disabilities for the young girl.But Boyle grew up in a musical family -- her father sang, and her mother sang and played the piano -- and she found comfort in music at an early age.Boyle suffered a personal loss in 1997, when her father passed away.After his death, Boyle put her big dreams on hold to care for her ailing mother.She continued to dream of a day when the world would recognize her talent.But Boyle faced hardship yet again in 2000, when she lost her sister Kathleen to an asthma attack.

She continued to sing at church, and at the local karaoke nights in her regular local pub at the Happy Valley Hotel.

The singer has also revealed that she may never sing again live, although she has recently released an album, titled A Wonderful World.

Susan says her Asperger Syndrome holds her back from booking further tour dates. The coy singer revealed she stays in touch with a mystery doctor who took her for lunch after watching her perform in Florida.

She took the loss hard, and turned to her music for solace.

Boyle began taking singing lessons from voice coach Fred O' Neil in 2002, hoping to improve her chances of fame.

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