Creationist explanation carbon dating

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which rocks are older than which rocks) is obvious due to either layering or distance from a sea-floor spreading ridge.The decrease measured in the past few hundred years, therefore, is nothing more than a downward trend as part of an overall fluctuation, and has no implication for the age of the Earth.”6 Helium in Radioactive Rocks During the radioactive decay of uranium and thorium contained in rocks, lots of helium is produced.This does not however help the argument for young earth creationism though, because the layers that are being studied to measure the temperatures in this research are millions and billions of years old, so that alone means using the sun as evidence simply will not work.If scientists today still don’t have a full understanding of the faint sun paradox, why would anyone think a group of people who believe in talking snakes do?But once each orbit a comet comes very close to the sun, allowing the sun’s heat to evaporate much of the comet’s ice and dislodge dust to form a beautiful tail.

These fluctuations are clearly observed in places where the stratigraphy (i.e.Creationists think you should see the layers of rock like those of a cake, all over the earth, and apparently if there is any bending, that is proof the earth is young. No one expects there to be an unbroken record of the earth as creationists are claiming must exist for the earth to be over 4 billion years old, so the claim they are making is very misleading from the start. Tiscareno again: Deposited layers can be later eroded away or destroyed in other ways, and drought can prevent layers from being deposited at all for long periods of time.However, the above statement is very misleading in that it insinuates that the geologic column is somehow a “figment of the evolutionist’s imagination.” The truth is that the geologic records all over the world are very well correlated with each other, not only with stratigraphy (i.e., which layer overlies which layer) and fossils, but with paleomagnetism, radiometric dating, and many other important factors, all of which fit together remarkably well.How can that happen if they were laid down separately over hundreds of millions of years and already hardened?This argument is the same as their “the geological column doesn’t exist” argument.

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