Dating advice no spark line dating system slammed

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But if you sense she is in to you, discussing sex is going to light a fire underneath her attraction for you.

She didn’t find you attractive enough to warrant another date. She saw your photos and agreed to meet, so she must have liked what she saw. Read The 9 Habits of Insanely Likable and Charismatic People and The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. She always makes me feel wonderful by being constantly curious about what is happening in my life.It is acknowledging a sexual chemistry between a man and woman, and leaves her curious to find out more about you.If you constantly get women telling you they didn’t feel the spark, it’s you who needs to change.If she asks you a question, go ahead and answer it, but always be looking for a way to shift the focus back to her. She should be the one doing most of the talking, whilst you sit and listen. How are you going to find out if you are talking the entire date and never ask about her life?The reasons for doing this are: Remember the point of dating. You can do much of the above, but if you fail to show your sexuality you are doomed.

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