Dating disability people

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My son has epilepsy and was able to get SSD here in Iowa.States vary on SSD approval, Iowa only approves about 30% of the applicants. Alert your neurologist that you are applying for SSD so they will be perpared.Continue to file complaints of discrimination with the EEOC alleging violations of the ADA.Do not think you are no longer covered by the ADA; there are many ways in which your particular circumstances can get you the law's protection. You can file complaints with your local or state fair employment practice (FEP) agencies, and you also may be able to file a complaint under the federal Rehabilitation Act of 1973 or other federal and local laws.Could someone please help me put into words how seizures are preventing me from holding down a full time job. One thing I can tell you is that I don't feel you have to say it all to them.

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For many years, people with epilepsy have been considered disabled under state and federal anti-discrimination laws.What I learned was that epilepsy isn't considered a disability unless you experience at least 3 seiz/month. However, you'll need to find out how many seizures you need to experience to be considered disabled and allowed to file for Social Security Disability before you actually do this.Make sure to keep track of your seizures, to find out if this is the case.Supreme Court says you must prove a substantial disability.In its recent opinions, the Supreme Court determined that people whose conditions are controlled by medication will not be considered to have a disability under the ADA unless they can demonstrate a substantial disability despite the treatment.

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