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(No pressure.) The holiday lasts eight days, though some communities may celebrate only a week.Pronounce it: If you can't say the guttural h sound represented by the ch in Pey-sach, say Passover.Speed Dating and its offshoots have captured the imagination of popular culture, fitting nicely into the fast-paced environment of 21st-century America.In 2000, the dating technique reached craze status, spreading quickly to rest of the Western world, taking strong footholds in both England and Australia.

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The trees had to be at least four years old, and this date was for figuring out the age of the trees. These days it's a great time to think about trees and the environment. Hag Sameah (Happy holiday) with a heavy gutteral h at the beginning of the first word and the end of the second.We have arranged with the venue to provide 3 hour valet parking at a rate of to anybody at our event who purchases two drinks or other items from the bar or restaurant (subject to availability).Here's a quick run-down of the Jewish holidays with need-to-know information on each.The original Speed Dating service is still intended to help those of the Jewish faith find a shidduch.However, others have extended their scope to include people of all religions, shapes, sizes, interests and sexual orientations.

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