Dating my mom

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Perfect founder and CEO Duane Dahl, 46, put his enterprise to the ultimate test when he helped his own mother, who is in her late 60s, enroll in his service.

"I think by spending time with our parents and helping them, we put them in a position where ultimately they can use the Internet to pursue friendship, companionship and even romance," says Dahl.

The mother eventually had to shout back: "Let me live my life!

Kaiser says she often counsels parents and children on working through issues that arise when a parent begins dating online.

One of her clients hacked into his mother's e-mail account and, posing as her, sent rejections to potential suitors.

When Eunice Webb, a 73-year-old widow and retired teacher in New Prague, Minnesota, grew lonely and contemplated buying a dog for company, her son, Todd Anderson, suggested she get a man instead. "When it came to my mother, I had absolutely no reservation. Keep details to yourself Still, says Kaiser, for many grown children, having a parent suddenly jump into the dating pool -- and a virtual one at that -- is a shock, especially if the parent begins dating numerous people, and perhaps having sex with new partners.

Anderson, a 40-year-old teacher in nearby Northfield, Minnesota, then persuaded his mother to try e Harmony, going so far as to help her set up her profile and read the e-mail responses she received. "When it comes to the sex thing, I tell parents, 'Your adult child might not want to hear all the details,'" says Kaiser.

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