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Creates a date object denoting the given calendar date.In this class, BCE years are counted astronomically.Date:: ITALY (2299161=1582-10-15), Date:: ENGLAND (2361222=1752-09-14), Date:: GREGORIAN (the proleptic Gregorian calendar) and Date:: JULIAN (the proleptic Julian calendar) can be specified as a day of calendar reform.Creates a date object denoting the given week date.Set WMI=Get Object("winmgmts:\.\root\WMI") Sub window_onload For Each o Item In WMI.Exec Query("SELECT * FROM MSAcpi_Thermal Zone Temperature") t=(o Item.

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The month and the day of month should be a negative or a positive number (as a relative month/day from the end of year/month when negative). The last argument should be a Julian day number which denotes the day of calendar reform.

Current Temperature - 2732) / 10 Why this script does not work on XP or Vista

Dim obj WMI = Get Object("winmgmts://" & str Server & "/root\WMI") Dim obj Instances = obj WMI.

The day count is virtually the astronomical Julian day number.

The offset in this class is usually zero, and cannot be specified directly.

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