Dreamweaver updating library items

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A library is a special Dreamweaver file containing a collection of individual assets or copies of assets that you can place in your web pages. Items that you can store in a library include images, tables, sounds, and files created with Adobe Flash.

The reason is that the left_file is contained in the template and in all templates and pages.I had this problem, but I solved, problem is with the path, if you have a look at the #begininglibraryitem "/your path..you can see wrong path, but it should has began with "/your website name or folder name/libarary/... If the slogan changes, you can change the library item and automatically update every page that uses it.Dreamweaver stores library items in a Library folder within the local root folder for each site. You can create a library item from any element in the section of a document, including text, tables, forms, Java applets, plug‑ins, Active X elements, navigation bars, and images.

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