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When these molecules are on the surface, they are attracted by the molecules below and by the lateral ones, but not toward the outside.

The resultant is a force directed inside the liquid.

We are convinced that these activities will arouse questions in the participants and that they themselves, through curiosity, will go looking for explanations.

We are also convinced that feeding the desire to know the “how and why” of things, that is, the curiosity spawned within each student is more important and useful than explanations supplied when a student feels no need.

On the contrary, other insects, like the marsh treaders and the water striders, exploit the surface tension to skate on the water without sinking.

Here are some simple experiments using surface tension: Carefully place a needle on the surface of a glass of water.

During these searches, often too much documentation is found, much of which is useless to our search.Hier können Sie gerne neue Freunde kennenzulernen oder einfach nur Spaß mit Fremden zu haben und vielleicht sogar auf echte Liebe zu treffen. Nicht immer kann man mit einem guten Bekannten oder einer naher Person reden.Chatroulette gibt die Möglichkeit, sich mit neuen und unbekannten Menschen über eigene Gedanken und Sorgen auszutauschen, der Sie nicht kennt und den Sie nicht kennen.Due to their number, these experiments will be briefly described.As you know, our articles do not intend to supply an exhaustive explanation of the topics we deal with, but rather to give rise to a curiosity toward them and to give young people exposure to interesting categories of natural phenomena.

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