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B I suppose they keep trying to make it work…A No, they know it won’t last so they get divorced.After your discussion, what are your opinions on foreign guys?““The cultural and religious differences are just too much sometimes.”“We can’t reminisce about our childhoods together.” Communication, particularly when arguing, seems to be a big source of frustration for Japanese women with foreign partners. We got a group of local Fukuoka girls together to discuss the hot topic of gaijin guys, and also to talk about the results of our questionnaire. A They know how to treat a woman, they are brought up to be courteousノB But isn’t it just their culture, and not the person, when they are being courteous to you? C My impression of foreign guys is that they are very straight-talking.What is the difference between Japanese guys and foreign guys? ”“Foreign guys are enthusiastic lovers.”“Japanese guys are better-dressed.”“Gaijin guys are more opinionated.”“Gaijin guys have a better sense of humor.” Want to Know More? A They give us a lot of compliments and they are into the whole romance thing, you know, candles, music – they make us feel like we could fall in love… In our survey, 44% of girls either had a gaijin boyfriend or wanted one. B I think foreign guys are popular just because they are unique, they have foreign looks.They seem to enjoy their evenings and weekends off work, unlike Japanese men. I think that might be the biggest difference between Japanese guys and Western guys – the work ethic.

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Actually I find it kind of weird when foreign guys are really crazy about Japanese culture.

A Japanese culture and other cultures are different in the way that they think about having a girlfriend or being married.

Traditionally in Japan a husband may have someone else who they spend time with, like a hostess in Nakasu, but it is not love.

And anyway, if you end up with a ‘weird one’, remember – it makes an interesting addition to your life story!

Wise Wives’ Tales You’ve read the opinions of some single girls in Fukuoka. We spoke to two wives living here with their foreign husbands to get their advice on marriage and the gaijin guy.

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