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In a future phase, 10 of the 19 WCB drilled shaft foundations will be reused to support the proposed West Approach Bridge – South (WABS).The WCB is a vital link to keep traffic flowing during the SR 520 Bridge Replacement project.Where the WCB is an independent structure, Piers 31 through 34 are founded on 10-foot-diameter drilled shafts, and Pier 35 is on 12-foot-diameter shafts.Slurry head, along with temporary and/or permanent casing, were used to address the groundwater pressure and maintain drilled shaft integrity during construction.Shannon & Wilson conducted phased corridor-wide seismic studies for 1,000-year ground motions.

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To protect the existing pile foundations, the shafts have permanent casing installed to about 15 feet below the existing pile tips.

Called upon to provide expert commentary, explanation, or consulting, their work is presented at professional conferences, in trade and professional publications, at workshops, as well as in daily newspapers.

Shannon & Wilson is continuing its expansion of their underground services practice with strategic hire Edward R. Kennedy joins the firm as a Vice President and Senior Project Manager for Tunnels and Systems.

The WCB is a 1,335-foot-long, 65- to 160-foot-wide, 11 pier, conventional bridge structure, extending entirely over water.

Lake water depths vary from about 10 to 35 feet along the alignment.

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