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We are located between Chipotle and My Fit Foods, with parking available in front of, and on the side of, the Boardroom.

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"I don't care if I've cut your hair 100 times, I'm still going to talk to you, touch your hair, find out what you want." If you sense your stylist isn't listening—he doesn't ask follow-up questions, for instance, or his attention has clearly wondered to another client—politely repeat yourself until you're sure he's heard you. "A salon should have a social atmosphere," says Coffey.

If you are experiencing difficulty when scheduling your appointment, please visit our Scheduling Website directly.

Clients will receive a new appointment confirmation email immediately after completion of the online scheduling process.

She grew up watching the women—and a fair number of transsexual men—put on the wigs, sequins, and makeup they wore on stage.

"That experience helped fuel my conviction that you must always be true to yourself," she says.

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