Jared padalecki and alexis bledel dating Webcamera teens

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For the series' first two seasons, Murray played Tristan Dugray, the popular prep school bad boy that tried to win over quintessential good girl Rory Gilmore (Alexis Bledel).

Tristan's flirting style wasn't all that mature, and he often showed his affection for Rory by dishing out sarcastic remarks and giving her the nickname “Mary” because she seemed so pure and innocent.

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It’s still undeniable, even though casting director says she never had Alexis do a chemistry read with Milo.

“There had already been two Deans cast before we found him,” she says.

“But there is something about Jared.” For more Gilmore Girls secrets from the set — including on-set rivalries — pick up the latest issue on newsstands now!

It didn’t work when they tried something similar at Yale, so why would it work now?

(Side note: We know that the revival jumped ahead eight years, but this affair with Logan seems wildly out of character for Rory — although considering she was fine dating Dean while he was still married to Lindsay, maybe not. Except we can’t break up because we’re nothing.” (Again, whose idea was this idiotic arrangement in the first place?

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