Jennifer dating michael vartan

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In 2007, he appeared in the Australian horror film Rogue, and starred in the film Jolene in 2008.

Vartan's most notable role to date has been as Michael Vaughn in the American television series Alias (2001–2006).

"I think that entire show and Jennifer [Garner]'s character was a breakthrough role for women.

There wasn't really anything like it at the time.

"And I'm like, ' Well, they better hurry up.' I'm 47.

Terrance runs a self-help organization called the Institute of The Higher Mind, and attempts to steer Kyle's life back on track after a nasty breakup since his own livelihood is tied to Kyle's success.To that end, the show's 10-year absence hasn't stopped fans or Vartan's former co-workers from discussing a potential reunion movie with him. So I think maybe it was just fans wishing out loud." that only further diminishes the chance that he'll have time to get the cast and crew back together."If you're reading this, I look pretty good with a light saber," Vartan said with a laugh.When an audition between Kyle and an aspiring actress leads to a first date, Terrance gets the idea to present the young girl with an arranged marriage contract that would launch her career but change her life for good.It's definitely a departure from the more physically demanding roles Vartan has played in the past.

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