Kitten dating game Forbitten sex chat

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Buyer A, entirely unsuspecting, happens upon a first class troll who proceeds to confuse the shit out of them by bending their conversation so out of whack, it's almost something of a wonder they didn't pawn off the rabbit without knowing it.

Honestly, these are just the kinds of ridiculous Craigslist inspired conversations I liiiive for.

Don't forget to always reward your cat for playing Friskies® Pull 'n Play!She is also a sore loser, eager for revenge on any who have 'wronged' her.Kitten's chief redeeming trait is that she does really love her father, and wishes to have a closer bond with him beyond him simply showering her with material goods.The more she catches, the more challenging the game gets.Three levels of fun with one, two, and three fish at a time.

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