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A seemingly apparent and simple matter is actually much more complex than it is on the surface. The similarity-attraction theory argues that people are attracted to others that are similar, rather than “opposite.” In Morry’s study (2005), same-sex friendships were tested to see individuals’ satisfaction with an ongoing friendship with a perception of similarity on traits and behaviors. The age -old questions remains up for discussion today. Academic studies, film, online dating, and more illustrate the psychology of this behavior.However, it was found that African American adolescents did chose friends that were similar with ethnic identity.Therefore, if there is a similarity, the percentage for a friendship is slightly raised, but not guaranteed. Liking some things (in some people) more than others: Partner preferences in romantic relationships and friendships.Hitsch's research has been widely published and he has been invited to give talks at the University of California at Berkeley, Harvard University, Stanford University, Columbia University, Yale University, Northwestern University, and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.He is the recipient of two Kilts Center Fellowships, a True North Communications Inc. Hitsch studies quantitative marketing and industrial organization.

Perception of similarity can also be found in romantic relationships and to a greater degree than in friendships.Individuals want a partner with a similar personalty (Barelds and Dijkstra, 2008).It was found that couples perceive more similarities the longer the relationship goes on (Sprecher, 2013).Just because individuals can be total opposites does not mean that they are destined to be together. The goal of this digital story was to highlight why this is not an everyday occurrence, even though some may think so. Opposites attract in charges, not in relationships.

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