Mike leach on dating

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The more they'll conversate and show their true self." less "I'm a big movie guy.

Which means he's been around long enough that even his quirkiest character-driven material is beginning to circle back upon itself.They may write books about Indian chiefs, and they may advise the use of coupons at drive-ins, and they may make arbitrary lists of must-see movies on Twitter, and they may occasionally insert their defensive starters in the game in order to complete a shutout of Idaho, inflaming tempers to the point that they wind up shouting an obscenity at the opposing coach following the post-game handshake.Part of me still hopes, for those reasons alone, that Mike Leach finds a way to make it work at Washington State. * * * On Saturday, Leach's 3-1 Washington State team will face No. If the Cougars win, it would be the biggest shock of the college football season to date.This is Leach's second season at WSU, following his forced departure from Texas Tech amid a legal dispute over the treatment of the son of unemployed broadcaster Craig James; the Cougars went 3-9 last year, and Leach got into trouble for alluding to his players as "empty corpses" and "zombies," and his star receiver accused him of being abusive and then recanted.

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