Online dating match criteria

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We cannot know if they are able to process emotions effectively or communicate kindly despite disagreements until we find ourselves in situations of emotional upheaval.

It would be beneficial to honestly communicate about any unmet points and to discern if any unmet criteria is something you can tolerate or if it is in discord with what you require of a partner. They have no ties to other people that make true commitment impossible. For example, alcoholism, marijuana or tobacco abuse, gambling or shopping. Their desires for children and/or marriage are in alignment with your own. This may be through photographs, listed interests, descriptions of a typical Friday night or within the general biography.

It takes time to process lessons and to integrate the personal growth and emotional changes that result from break-ups.

You do not want to fall for someone who is only on a rebound or may soon realize they are not ready for a relationship.

It is easier to step away from a relationship that is not truly compatible in the early stages of dating than it is to step away from an unhealthy partnership that has formed strong bonds of attachment.

Know your deal breakers and honour them, or commit to opening up and extending specific boundaries.

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