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Either way, I'd be interested to hear what safety measures you're [email protected]_chelleshock @nicholassheriff Hi Nick/Michelle, great points and questions.

One of the reasons we created Sneak Peek is because we also heard countless stories that men are overly aggressive and "dehumanized" since they don't see someone face-to-face during the conversation.

By requiring the extra effort to get on a video conversation with someone, we believe that this will cater directly to the population looking for more serious people that want to meet up and have a relationship.

We will be enabling a flagging feature shortly as well as Facebook authentication with a minimum of 50 friends, so that users that show any level of inappropriate behavior will be forever kicked off.

How would you combat the variating value perceptions from a male and female perspective.

The desires and fears for women engaging in any social setting especially a romantic one are completely different for men thanks to our society.

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With video chat apps on the rise, I could see more users feeling comfortable with chatting this [email protected] brilliant! The beauty of the questions is not only does it give you something to talk about to avoid the awkwardness of the memorized 'pitch', but also that you can learn a lot about someone and their values when certain types of questions are asked.So you are making the decision based on a conversation, not a too good to be true photo or static profile.Would love to hear your feedback and hope you sign up for Sneak Peek! My first thought was that lots of people may be too shy to have a facetime convo straight away and I think a lot of people take comfort in the fact that they have time on their hands with other dating apps.The toughest part of our beta tests was to get users over that initial fear of having a live conversation with someone, but when they did do it they were amazed at how much fun it was and how much they learned about the other so quickly.We believe that people frustrated with existing dating apps and that actually want to meet someone would similarly give it a shot and be delighted with this alternative approach once they try [email protected] I can definitely see the value in chatting with someone in realtime.

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