Rihanna dating colin farrell rainie dating sunny

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Sängerin Rihanna, 23, scheint nicht nur mit ihrer Haarfarbe Aufmerksamkeit zu erregen.

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Aaron eventually went back to Hilary, only to cheat on her again.

you know, if the pair of now just good friends were able to It's hard to imagine Kim not bound to Kanye, but there was a time when she casually dated (no, not you, Ray J, or you, Reggie Bush, or you, Kris Humphries).

Kim and Nick had a brief, weeklong pairing, and he's insinuated she called the paparazzi on them and used it to gain attention.

But then they split, though Ryan has since called her one of the greatest girlfriends of all time, along with his also-ex Rachel Mc Adams.

It's hard to think of a time before Jay was Clyde to Bey's Bonnie (true talk: It's hard to imagine a time before Beyoncé, period), but back when he was still rocking a hyphen and Rocawear sweatershirts, Jay Z and Rosario Dawson were one of New York's coolest couples, regularly photographed hand-in-hand on the scene in New York City.

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