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North Carolina does not have laws specific to criminal domestic violence; the majority of domestic violence cases are prosecuted through other crimes.Almost any crime could be an act of domestic violence if commissioned in the confines of the legal definition of domestic violence.In these circumstances, it is essential to consult with a skilled attorney that will work diligently to successfully uphold your rights.Contact Caulder & Valentine today for a consultation. Roberts called a “chat line” used for “meet[ing] men [in the area] who want to talk or do other things.” Roberts explained the chat line process at trial: “You just call and [record] a [voicemail] greeting and either [the men] can message you or you message them.” Using the speakerphone, Roberts began playing messages men had left for her on the chat line. This Court has also distinguished “cases where material evidence was requested [by the jury], [as opposed to] cases where the evidence requested was not determinative of guilt or innocence.” Long, 196 N. Roberts, Schenck, and Edwards all testified the original plan was to lure Munufie to a hotel, but after group discussion, they settled on 206 Putnam Place. The four of them sat in a sunroom where they smoked marijuana and listened to music. For example, Roberts, Schenck, and Edwards all testified that, while they were at Frederick's house, Roberts was talking on the chat line in order to select a person to rob.

The man from the chat line “was calling back and forth on [Defendant's] phone” and Edwards spoke to him while Roberts was inside Schenck's grandmother's house. The statements attributed to Defendant by these witnesses, although not identical, were not inconsistent. ” [Defendant] wasn't really saying nothing [sic] [at first]. I'm sorry.’ ”This testimony from Roberts, Schenck, and Edwards about Defendant's alleged statements during the drive to Gastonia was mutually reinforcing, not mutually exclusive.

There are both civil and criminal domestic violence laws in North Carolina that address the various forms of domestic violence.

Protection orders can be granted through the civil court system, while criminal laws dictate the types of penalties a person convicted of a domestic violence related crime will face.

However, if a crime has been committed in the context of domestic violence, a judge has the option to attach specific terms to a sentence.

For example, if an assault was carried out against a spouse, a judge has the discretion to impose a penalty that may not be commonly carried out to those convicted of assault.

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