Sextreme dating movie

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In one disturbing scene, Caesar must suffocate a fellow ape to avoid alerting the inhabitants of an enemy camp they have infiltrated.

There is a similar scene in the final episode of is the Colonel, who commands the human army that hunts the simians, rounds them up, and then imprisons them in a camp, which operates as a concentration or detainment camp and as a work/labor camp.

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The irony is Caesar, the leader of the apes, doesn’t want to go to war.

Thus, one of the movie’s messages about war is that it is unavoidable with those who seek it against you.

The movie alludes to both various peoples involved in historical conflicts and wartime situations.

When the apes are attacked by an army of humans, they defend themselves, but Caesar insists on releasing the human that they capture as a show of goodwill and as a demonstration of their peaceful intentions.

However, the humans press forward and attack Caesar and the apes again in the middle of the night.

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