Shu qi is not dating stephen fung Amerika camcamcam chat

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He first dropped her off at the hotel, and then returned later to meet her.

After which, the two boarded the same flight bound for Tokyo.People like to judge celebrities as if they really know them.Even you never meet Shuqi in person , you till can say that all guys date her just because she is good in bj .The source also added that the two have known each other for so long that they treat each other as family.3 people here are great big liars: Shu Qi, her mother, and this "source close to the actress". The usual phrase "we're just friends" would have been easier to take and accept rather than what they have said here. The Assassin star Shu Qi has surprised fans by announcing that she has married actor-director Stephen Fung. Oh, yes, we are married.” The newlyweds did not give details of their nuptials, but said in the statement that there will not be any wedding banquet or parties to celebrate their marriage.

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