Statictics dating married woman

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New research indicates that fewer Americans are getting married than ever before.

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In her book, The Truth About Being Single, she professes her belief that marriage is a mind-game that can overcome even the most depressing circumstances: “In [my] book, the final chapter is called .Gerson told National Public Radio that this decline has costs and benefits: “If you want to look at the good news, what this is telling us, especially among young adults, is that people are waiting longer to get married.They’re taking time to get established in their own lives, to decide who they are, and what kind of partner they want.” Gerson also noted that due to the rise of women in the workforce and the increasing equality between them and men in jobs means that both men and women have more choices.In addition, black women are also the least likely to re-marry following divorce.Only 32 percent of black women will get married again within five years of divorce; that figure is 58 percent for white women and 44 percent for Hispanic women.

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