Telling your kids that youre dating

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They would often prefer to have you all to themselves because they will likely have the most vivid memory of the life you had with their father.Even though they know that relationship is over, they will find it difficult to visualize you with another man. The risk you run with younger children is that they will form an immediate attachment.And some men may be frightened of the responsibilities children represent.As soon as you are officially dating or can find an appropriate moment to mention it, you should get it out into the open.You should talk with your child about your new adult friends.Al­low your youngster to express her feelings and opinions.This is why you want to be pretty sure your relationship has some potential before you allow your younger children to bond.

Keep in mind that they may feel threatened, fearful that they could lose you to this new suitor or that the new man will change the rules of the family.

Your children are going to figure out that you have a relationship going with someone—probably long before you are ready to bring the parties together for their initial check-each-other-out session.

Older children will have the most difficulty assimilating a new person into your familiar life together.

You also want to avoid including this new man in too many of your family days at first.

You are developing a relationship that has to have at its basis a strong bond between you and your new man.

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