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They can do as much swiping as they’d like to narrow their dating field.

Whenever they’re ready, they can begin swiping on people’s pictures, like Tinder.

Look at the six advertisements for student accommodation, A-F. Write the correct number (i-viii) in boxes 15-20 on your Answer Sheet List of Headings i. what to do if you want to drive something bigger than a car iii.

Tengwar is a writing invented by JRR Tolkien for the languages of Middle-earth.

Elf Fëanor invented Tengwar for writing Quenya language, Telerin and Valarin.

During the scene's explosive formative years, the Taiwanese hardware giant idled while companies like Fitbit, Jawbone, Microsoft, Apple and Google ran full-speed, shuffling to raise the bar over each other.

Now, HTC is teaming up with Under Armour, one of the biggest names in performance sporting goods, to create a 0 (about £126, AU2) fitness tracker called the UA Band.

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