Updating hardy to ibex

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Now if you want to know a little bit more on what all this is about: I found a few clues here.

Ubuntu Hardy uses something called Pulse Audio and I haven’t had time to educate myself as to where that fits into the whole audio stack.The long time support (LTS) version is recommended for people in an environment (generally commercial/industrial) that do not want things to change and do not require newer/faster/updated versions, but instead want to keep the same version for a longer amount of time.Using packages from repositories not controlled by Ubuntu is not recommended as it can be a security risk and may break or complicate your upgrade.If you have used Easy Ubuntu or Automatix (neither of which is recommended nor supported), you may have problems upgrading to a newer version and may require a fresh install.If you have installed software from other sources, the upgrade may go more smoothly if you remove this software before attempting the upgrade.

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