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Mikado tells Rito she and Oshizu brought Tearju to earth during her investigation.

She found a photo of Tearju and was able to trace her whereabouts.

Momo sees Lala spending personal time with Rito and Rito making accidental gestures with other girls, making her feel left out. Momo's club waits outside the locker room for Momo and learns about her biggest threat: Rito.

Momo's depression reaches the critical point and devises a way to spend personal time with Rito. Because Rito is frequently discussed by the morals committee and Momo lives with him, Momo will not be safe from Rito.

In the end, Momo blames Mea for ruining the moment and wonders how she can successfully win Rito's heart. Yami starts telling Rito about her past, explaining how she was created by a woman named Tearju Lunatique; she was created from her cells, therefore Yami is similar to her and sees Tearju as her mother.

However, Tearju was taken away from Yami by the association that had asked to create Yami.

While Lala and friends discuss about Tearju, Oshizu asks Rito to come with her.

Lala proposes a solution by having Rito marry both of them.

Before Rito could oppose, Lala blasts Rito to Haruna so he could confess to her.

Meanwhile, Momo tells Yami to meet Tearju but Yami does not respond.

Rito finds Tearju in the hallway and asks her to meet Yami.

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