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The other Italian breeds were linked to northern Europe.strongly suggesting that the Etruscan civilization developed locally from the Villanovan culture, and genetic links between Tuscany and Anatolia date back to at least 5,000 years ago during the Neolithic.In their heyday, the Etruscan elite grew very rich through trade with the Celtic world to the north and the Greeks to the south, and filled their large family tombs with imported luxuries.

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Meanwhile, Rome had started annexing Etruscan cities.

Around 540 BC, the Battle of Alalia led to a new distribution of power in the western Mediterranean.

Though the battle had no clear winner, Carthage managed to expand its sphere of influence at the expense of the Greeks, and Etruria saw itself relegated to the northern Tyrrhenian Sea with full ownership of Corsica.

A few years later, in 474, Syracuse's tyrant Hiero defeated the Etruscans at the Battle of Cumae.

Etruria's influence over the cities of Latium and Campania weakened, and the area was taken over by Romans and Samnites.

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